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Updated: Sep 17, 2018

In my teens, I wrote a Japanese 4-panel manga for the Japanese-Canadian newspaper, “The New Canadian.” It’s astonishing that the kindly editor allowed such a fun opportunity for a young, inexperienced kid. I wrote this manga for four years, until I moved to New York to attend college. Of course, I based the characters and many of the stories on my family, because what's more bizarre than an immigrant family with two aspiring pianists? 

About yonkoma manga:

Yonkoma manga (4コマ漫画), yonkoma for short, is a traditional Japanese comic strip format using four panels ordered from top to bottom.

Traditionally, Yonkoma follows a structure known as Kishōtenketsu. This word is a compound formed from the following Japanese Kanji characters:

  1. Ki (起):The first panel forms the basis of the story; it sets the scene.

  2. Shō (承): The second panel develops upon the foundation of the story laid down in the first panel.

  3. Ten (転): The third panel is the climax, in which an unforeseen development occurs.

  4. Ketsu (結): The fourth panel is the conclusion, in which the effects of the third panel are seen.

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